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Celebrating the Safe Journey of Baboo the Tiger Cub with Dynamic World Wide Logistics Group

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Celebrating the Safe Journey of Baboo the Tiger Cub with Dynamic World Wide Logistics Group

Celebrating the Safe Journey of Baboo the Tiger Cub with Dynamic World Wide Logistics Group

When it comes to safe transportation, Dynamic World Wide Logistics Group tops the list. Our dedicated services are again making waves in the headlines. This time the success story is the safe transportation of a Bengal Tiger.

With immense care and safety measures, we successfully relocated a tiger. It wasn’t a short transfer, but a long journey to South Africa from Pakistan. What’s more, the wildlife creature is in good health, looking forward to a new life. It is now in a sanctuary with feline companions.

Want to know more about the tiger cub’s journey? Discover how it all began and get detailed insights about the wildlife tiger in this article. Keep reading!

Story Behind Baboo the Tiger Cub

The tiger named Baboo was initially under private ownership. The challenge began when the tiger got injured. Fracture in multiple bones along with malnutrition made the owner search for the hope of its survival.

Luckily, it resulted in contacting Islamabad Wildlife. Islamabad Wildlife Management Board operates under Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change. It works to rescue wildlife animals and pets. The owner felt relief and thought of this place as the tiger’s final destination.

Undoubtedly, the tiger got a new life here. The entire team of Islamabad’s Wildlife is professionally trained in dealing with wildlife animals. They made sure to meet all essential requirements of the tiger along with offering complete medical care.

The team also decided to send the tiger to its natural habitat after recovery.

Big Cat Sanctuary – A New Home for Tiger

Once the tiger recovered from injuries and malnutrition, the Wildlife team started searching for its permanent home. Tigers need a natural habitat where they can thrive and live with freedom. Their essential needs include water, shelter from extreme weather conditions, and a room to hunt.

Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa has all such amenities and a lot more. It is for this reason that Islamabad Wildlife chose this place for Baboo. The sanctuary is non-profit and is built to

Though the place was ideal for the tiger, transporting it was the biggest deal. It required an experienced transportation company as the transit was across the continent.

Secure and Safe Transit by DWWLG

Transporting wildlife animals is entirely different from transporting inventory or goods. Even different species have different needs. Shipping companies need to consider their unique needs to ensure safe transportation. Such needs include food, appropriate containers, weather conditions, etc.

Apart from that, considering the size, weight, and total miles are essential. Having veterinarians and animal keepers in the team is also imperative. Not just this, but ensuring the safety of the team members is another key consideration.

DWWLG took all such essential measures in safely transporting the tiger. From container selection to monitoring, we considered every aspect. Our experience in worldwide shipments helped us achieve the goal with no hurdles.

At the time of transit, Baboo was a healthy 17-month-old tiger weighing 70 kg. The transportation took place via road and air, covering thousands of miles.

The Transportation Journey

The tiger was first transported to the Islamabad Airport which was a short road transport. Then for international transit, it took two flights. Again, after reaching the South Africa OR Tambo International Airport, it took a road transport. Finally, it reached the Big Cat and Predator Sanctuary situated in the Witteberg mountains.

Baboo’s Life in the Sanctuary

Being a natural wildlife habitat, the new home will offer great comfort to the tiger. There is a specially built platform as well as a splash pool. And Baboo will not be alone. One rescued female tiger named Amber recently reached the sanctuary. The enclosure of both tigers is adjacent to one another. They will likely share a great bond!

Wrapping It Up

This success story was a collaborative effort as team DWWLG worked meticulously at every step. We have been in the business of shipment and logistics for years. This wildlife transfer has left remarkable memories for us.

The amazing achievement is another evidence of our commitment to high-quality service. We are always there for you, no matter what your shipment needs are!

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