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Dynamic has been around for more than three decades and from the very beginning we have worked hard to operate in an ethical manner by recognizing that our operations and services do contribute to the society in which we operate.

“Businesses cannot be successful when the society around them fails.”


We fulfil our social responsibility by aiming to restrict illegal / unlawful / socially harmful commodity / country trade and work within the practice guidelines established, ensuring that we obey all legal responsibilities that are over and above compliance such as labor law, security regulations, environmental law etc. Moreover, we take care of our employees through meeting their social & ethical responsibilities; benefiting them and keeping their needs on top priority.


We are highly committed to fulfilling our economic responsibility by playing our part to have a positive impact on both the local and international communities. In our effort to support the community, we work with different Local Charitable Organizations, NGO’s and Government Agencies by aiding them during natural disasters, donating in charitable causes at the time of need & by being environmental friendly.


We adhere to our sense of corporate responsibility by being environmentally friendly and by giving our employees good health facility & financial benefits. We also implement broad initiatives that will reduce both our customers’ and our own carbon footprint by setting the best practice benchmark in sustainability, & optimizing business case driven logistics. Our Green Logistics initiative involves the following three steps:

  • Becoming Environmental Aware.
  • Measuring the company’s carbon footprint.


Our operational excellence provides the foundation for efficient and effective logistics solutions that we offer to our customers. Achieving this requires a dedicated and a trained versatile team of employees who gives in their best. We at DWWLG made this possible by taking care of our employees, keeping their welfare and growth at its paramount interest, giving them a safe & healthy working environment.

Our ‘Employees Benefit Programs’ make us an employer of choice in our industry. Our perks include; Health & Life Insurance, Education Assistance Program, Short & Long Term Performance-Based Compensation, Retirement Plan, Hajj Benefits etc.

A comprehensive employee development program is also part of long term employee growth, so they may enhance their skills and bring out their hidden talents. Performance measurement programs are also conducted which includes; counselling, mentoring, on-job training, customized training programs, and out of office training & seminars.

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