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How Shipping Company Works

How Shipping Company Works

Shipping companies play a crucial role in the supply chain process. Thankfully, advancements in technology have redefined the shipment processes. Today, most shipping companies offer various services, presenting comprehensive logistic solutions for businesses. Let's discuss how the process takes place:

What is a Shipping Company?

In simple terms, a shipping company offers worldwide and local transportation services. The process involves multiple steps and complexities, and shipping companies meticulously manage each step, ensuring the safe transportation of goods from one place to another.

Shipping Services

full-service shipping company offers transportation through all means. In fact, it also provides intermodal transportation. It is an option in which the company uses more than one transportation option. The process reduces cost, minimizes road congestion, and expedites shipment. Here are the basic shipment services:

Air freight: The fastest option for international shipment with no budget constraint.

Ocean freight: Another option for worldwide shipment. It is cheaper than air freight but requires more time.

Road transportation: Used for nationwide deliveries.

Rail transportation: Suitable for domestic shipping, especially when the load is high.

How Modern-Day Shipping Companies Offer a Complete Logistic Solution

To address the growing consumer demands, most shipping companies now offer a comprehensive logistic solution under one roof. Their services are no longer limited to order pickup and delivery. They offer additional services like storage and warehouse management, documentation, compliance, real-time tracking, door-to-door delivery, etc.

Shipment Process at a Glance

Here is how the shipment process takes place in multiple steps, each having its own significance:

Order Pick Up

When a client places an order, the shipment company's representatives inquire about necessary details. After confirmation, the company finalizes the order. Now the company picks up the order either from the manufacturer's site or from the supplier's warehouse. The staff is well-trained and has the expertise to carefully handle the goods. Besides this, the vehicles are suitable for safely transporting goods and accommodating bulk items.

Storage and Warehouse Management

Most shipping companies maintain a warehouse with ample capacity for product storage. They ensure to take essential measures like temperature control, security, and 24/7 monitoring through CCTV cameras. With the integration of advanced technology, these companies have greatly improved the quality of warehousing services. Now, clients can have a virtual view of how their products are being handled in a warehouse. The storage process requires product sorting, allocating serial and batch numbers, color coding, etc.

Preparing Goods to be Shipped

Before shipment, the process of sorting, labeling, and packing takes place. The dedicated staff looks after the products and separates damaged items. After this, products are packed as per the means of transport as well as the nature of the product. Fragile and edible goods are packed in a different way. Besides this, companies use special stickers for instructions about product handling. These instructions help identify fragile products and ensure safe handling.


Another step is the preparation of the necessary documents required for the shipment process. It involves preparing multiple documents like import/export licenses, insurance licenses, customs declarations, handling instructions, etc. Appropriate documentation is vital to ensure a smooth shipping process and experienced shipping companies have expertise in it.


Once documents are ready, the company transports goods to the destination from where they will be shipped. However, they group products into different categories to consolidate for cost and time efficiency. They also use heavy-duty trucks and containers for the safe transportation of goods. As per the means of shipment, they transport goods to the destination.


After transportation, the products reach the airport, seaport, or another destination for consolidated road shipment. All necessary documents are needed at this stage. In addition, shipment companies need complete information about the vessel's arrival and departure, load capacity, number of stops, etc. With all this information, they keep the clients well-informed. When the products reach the port safely, they are shipped through a suitable and pre-decided means.


Shipment companies keep customers informed with real-time tracking updates. They send emails, notify through mobile apps, or use SMS service to keep clients informed. This helps customers know when the goods are shipped or when they are about to reach the final destination.

Delivery to the Final Destination

Most shipping companies also offer the service of transporting goods from the port to the client's destination. However, customers can either pick the goods on their own or opt for the service.

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